Beige armchair in a living room with beige and light tones.
Beige armchair in a living room with beige and light tones.

Make your airbnb stand out from the rest

Unlock exceptional results with our tailored Airbnb optimization strategies designed to boost visibility and attract more guests.

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Hi đź‘‹, my name is Carlos, and I provide professional services and solutions for airbnb owners and property managers.

Building trust

My Clients & Partners

I have worked with some of the large property managers in Arosa, as well as related service companies. 

Photography of a minimalist and luxurious airbnb apartment seen from the first floor. In the background you can see a dining table and a window with a snowy landscape. The property is located in Arosa.
View of the living room of a modern airbnb studio with modern furniture and views of the snow-capped mountains. The decor is wood-toned and new. The property is located in Arosa.
Modern living room with minimalist soft coloured sofas and views of the snow-capped mountains. The airbnb property is located in Arosa.

Consulting & management service

for Owners & Property Managers

Crafting personalized management solutions by considering all crucial factors to ensure optimal property performance and a quality guest experience.

Market Optimization

I will strategically position your property in the local market to ensure you achieve the best possible return on your investment. My approach is designed to make your rental stand out in your competitive local market using the main booking channels and your website.

Flexible service

Subscribe as long as you need, with no long-term commitments. My service and ongoing commitment will turn you into a repeat client, ensuring you always receive value tailored to your changing needs.

Comprehensive Services

From initial planning and implementation to ongoing monitoring and performance analysis, I provide end-to-end property management solutions. Let’s optimize every aspect of your property to maximize its potential.

Added Value

As an experienced designer, I also offer web and graphic design services, as well as professional photography for your property. Enhance your listing’s appeal with high-quality visuals that capture the essence of your space.

Consulting & management service

Achieving your goals together

Partner with a dedicated expert committed to your success. I bring to the table my experience and the best tools in the industry to elevate your vacation property’s performance. Dedication, with a steadfast guarantee of privacy and confidentiality. Let’s achieve your goals, with no compromises.

Income optimization

Unlock the full potential of your vacation rental with a detailed analysis and a custom-tailored pricing and marketing strategy. Maximize your revenue by smartly adapting to market demands and guest preferences.

Visibility enhancement

I will elevate your listing’s presence on Airbnb and other platforms to significantly boost its visibility and positioning. Expect increased bookings through strategic optimization that draws more guests to your property.

Great guest experience

From the moment they discover your property online to the exceptional service they receive during their stay, ensure every touchpoint shines. Create lasting impressions that turn first-time guests into repeat visitors.

Consulting & management service

to meet all your property needs

I provide a comprehensive array of services designed to meet a variety of needs. With my extensive experience in managing vacation properties and unique dual expertise in graphic and web design, as well as photography, I am committed to continually upgrading my skills to deliver unmatched service to all my clients

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Income estimation

Price & marketing analysis


Performance & reports

Working table with a computer


Booking channels (OTA’s)

Management systems (PMS & CM)

Dynamic pricing & algorithms

Guest communication


Web design


Social media


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Maintenance & support

Full installation

Search engine optimization (SEO)



Commonly asked questions

No permanence and completely flexible. You decide what you want me to help you with and when. My goal is that you come back because you are satisfied with my work.

I have solutions for all kinds of circumstances. If you wish to hand over the responsibility to a property manager we can recommend some awesome companies with we work with directly, or if you wish to do it independently, we can also help you to make sure that whatever you choose is the right option for you.

I have worked for the last few years with property management companies in Arosa, being involved in the management of more than 100 properties at the same time. I have also been involved in the creation and growth of these companies and this has given me the opportunity to get to know many properties in the area as well as the market in depth.

I offer tailor-made prices, depending on the number of requests and services required, as well as the number of properties in question.
An investment that will help you to succeed in the management of your property.

You can write to me any day and I will get back to you ASAP.

Of course. I can arrange a quality laundry and cleaning service for your property, available all year round.

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